Distraction-free and simultaneous control

Tapdo Biometric Technology in Automotive Sectors

Built into any kind of vehicle, Tapdo allows a distraction-free control of apps and devices. Different functions can be performed simultaneously without looking. The integration of tapdo leads to a clean design without overloaded interfaces. Discover ideas which revolutionize your technology and products.

Driver distraction is one of the primary causes of automobile accidents. As complex assistance systems in cars can distract from driving, Tapdo’s vision is to limit those distractions.

Our algorithm enables recognition-based interaction for distraction-free operation. Integrated fingerprint sensor connected to Tapdo’s platform can capture which finger part is used to touch the device. In this way, pre-defined commands as for example sending a voicemail or change music can be executed easily. Amongst traffic, Tapdo allows distraction-free control, being even faster and more discreet than voice control.

We focus on simplicity – Just one touch for everything!

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