Disabled Assistance

Facilitating everyday life

Individualized control for situations in everyday life

The innovative interaction concept and its simple handling facilitate everyday life in many ways. Adaptable to personal requirements and special needs, Tapdo becomes a customizable daily aid.

In contrast to complex control systems, Tapdo applies a very intuitive kind of human-computer-interaction. Using the unique patterns of one’s skin, Tapdo is connected to a fingerprint sensor that recognizes which part of the hand is used for touch commands.

With Tapdo as assistive technology, tasks of daily living become simple and can be performed quickly. For instance, a pre-defined contact can be called with one tap or the lights can be switched on and off. Tapdo is a technological assistance device that creates easy shortcuts and enables no-look control.

Users can take advantage of Tapdo’s distinctive customization possibilities. The pre-defined triggers can be defined for one’s requirements, e.g. the control of apps and smart devices that are used and needed the most.

Our vision is to improve capabilities of individuals with disabilities by providing an interaction concept based on one’s personal settings and biometric characteristics.

Tapdo can become everyones’ personal remote control – Get in touch with us!


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