Custom IoT-Solutions

Let's develop the digital future together!

Our expertise

Data & AI

We turn data into possibilities - with the help of artificial intelligence.

Hardware & IoT

We develop customized hardware with application-specific sensor, location, and wireless technology

Mobile & Web Apps

We design and implement apps - from customer journey workshop to launch

Web Services

We develop highly scalable and secure web services

What we offer


At the beginning of a digital project, there are usually many questions: What possibilities do current technologies offer? What is the best way to implement them? How can users benefit best? Which architecture is suitable?

We support you in answering these questions, forming ideas for concrete implementation, and delivering well-thought-out concepts for development.


In development, we bring your ideas and projects to life. Through years of experience, we know the best practices of all development areas and know how to apply them. Agile and lean software development is in our DNA, as a former startup company.

At the end of the development process, we deliver a product of the highest quality that you and your customers can use profitably.

Our customers

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