We are tapdo

Physicists, computer scientists, and designers with a passion for technology - always on the lookout for future technologies that make things easier, more efficient, and more beautiful. We see it as our challenge to incorporate these technologies into existing processes in a clever way, creating an easy entry point for companies into digitization. We love to witness when, after the work is done, a system or a process has become smarter and gained functionality.

Dr. Ulrich Burgbacher

Managing Director

is managing director and co-founder of tapdo technologies GmbH. After studying physics and computer science, followed by a doctorate, he decided to found tapdo technologies GmbH together with Dr. Manuel Prätorius. His broad experience is mainly in the areas of hardware, sensor technology, and data science. He follows the development of new technologies with great interest and ensures that we can always give our customers the best possible overview of the current and future possibilities of the digital world.

Dr. Manuel Prätorius

Managing Director

is managing director and co-founder of tapdo technologies GmbH. After his physics studies and subsequent Ph.D. in computer science at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, he took the chance to found a start-up based on one of his last research projects the "tapdo button" - tapdo technologies GmbH. His interests are human-machine interaction, machine learning, machine vision, and 3D printing. He is also tapdo's networker, who likes to develop new ideas about processes and systems.

Dr. Jan Roters

Hardware Development

is a project manager at tapdo technologies GmbH and is responsible for both software and hardware development. In particular, he is responsible for the short-term development of prototypes. Both his studies of computer science and his doctorate in computer science were characterized by the focus on image processing. Therefore, he worked in the field of image processing and robotics for several years after his doctorate, developing complex automation solutions, such as camera-guided welding robots, quality control systems, etc. Furthermore, he is interested in new technologies, different manufacturing processes, such as milling, turning, and 3D printing, and the development of mobile apps.

David Beck

App Development

is an employee of the first hour at tapdo technologies GmbH. During his studies in computer science, he specialized in iOS development and attracted attention with a publication and an AR application. In 2010, he programmed his first application for one of the world's leading software manufacturers. Since then, he has constantly expanded his spectrum with various applications for iOS, Android, and React Native. He now uses his accumulated experience at tapdo to develop apps optimized for the customer and the market as a project manager with a team of designers and developers.

Dr. Sven Strothoff

Web and Cloud Development

is a project manager at tapdo technologies GmbH, responsible for the areas of cloud and analytics. He studied computer science at the Westfälische Wilhelms University in Münster. During his subsequent doctorate, he worked as a research assistant on interdisciplinary research projects. His research focus in the area of human-machine interaction was on intuitive operating concepts. At a large German insurance company, he gained experience in a large-scale software project.

Nina Drüke

Design and Front End Development

is responsible for aesthetics at tapdo technologies GmbH. She studied design and is a trained front-end developer. Her interests and competencies range from classic design to animation and UX design to the implementation of web applications.

Sebastian Staffa

Cloud and IoT Development

designs, implements and manages our IoT projects from the first prototype to fleets of many thousands of devices. His years of experience in implementing customized customer solutions, as well as his extensive full-stack know-how, help him to do this. This enables him to design efficient and reliable solutions on the smallest microprocessor as well as in the distributed environment of the cloud.

Dominik Berse

Machine Learning and Software Development

is able to quickly and flexibly design custom-fit solutions due to his know-how in the areas of AI and Data Science, through high-level development to hardware-oriented programming. In the context of his doctorate at the University of Münster, he addresses current research questions. In addition, his many years of experience in application development enable him to develop and expand diverse projects in a wide variety of programming languages and to integrate the latest technologies.

Claas Flint

Business Development Manager

Claas Flint studied psychology and computer science at the University of Münster. Before joining tapdo, he worked for various companies as a software developer and consultant. At tapdo, Claas is responsible for business unit development and is particularly responsible for Helium. In addition to his job, Claas is currently completing his PhD.

Mareike Börtz


Nick Göller

Working student

has been working as a student trainee in the hardware department at tapdo for 4 years. Besides his electrical engineering studies at the University of Applied Sciences Münster, he mainly works in prototyping on designs of 3D prints & PCB layouts and programs in the field of microprocessor technology. His many years of experience at tapdo and the freshly acquired knowledge from his studies lead to efficient and innovative implementations in various tasks of current projects.

Christian Nordhoff

Working student

Leonard Herding

Working student