Helium Hotspot

made by tapdo

The first helium router made in Germany – easy to set up and fully indoor and outdoor functional for maximum performance!

Ready to start mining Helium to generate passive income and help build the helium network?

Did you know that 30% of all helium routers are offline, because they are too difficult to set up, and prone to errors and malfunction.

Imagine spending $500+, waiting several months (or years) for your router to finally arrive, only torealize that it’s going to take years to make your investment back – before you start earning a single penny?

We tested many different helium routers and came to the conclusion that none of them perform well enough.

So we build our own.


The Hotspot you've been waiting for

The most-efficient HNT miner hotspot – yet extremely easy to set up.

Build for high performance it works both indoors and outdoors, giving you maximum flexibility to find the best location for maximum mining rewards.

Hardware Specs

Raspberry Pi CM4 Compute Module

8GB Storage (extendable via SD card)

Concentrator based on the Semtech SX1302 with ADR and LBT

ECC608 secure element

2.4/5GHz IEEE802.11 b/g/n/ac wireless, Ethernet Connectivity


 All frequence bands

DC 12V (9.0 VDC ~ 30.0 VDC)
Comes in IP65 case

Optional cellular module via mini PCIe slot

Ready to start mining like a pro?

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