Tapdo Showcases

Implemented hardware examples connecting to Tapdo system

Implementation of the Tapdo interaction concept

The interaction concept of Tapdo has already been implemented and tested with different pieces of hardware. In our showcase gallery we provide a short overview about our products.

Tapdo Button

The Tapdo Button is a small piece of hardware, equipped with a fingerprint sensor and Bluetooth LE, connecting to the Tapdo platform.
In application it can be used as a single remote control, worn or attached with a clip or be permanently installed, e.g. into cars or in smart home surroundings.

Tapdo Button

Tapdo Wearable

The fingerprint button integrated into a wearable means comfortable control in any situation. Dozens of functions can be performed simultaneously with a simple tap on the wrist.

Tapdo Wearable


Tapdo has been presented on various technology shows around the world, like CES in Las Vegas, MWC in Barcelona and WTS in London.
The interview clip explains how it works and shows interaction examples.


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