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Tapdo is a smartwatch integration that takes things up a level. As conventional wearables are rather used for notification, Tapdo enables interaction through fingerprint recognition.

By being connected to Tapdo’s platform, it’s easy as pie to sync to other apps and smart devices. Our algorithm recognizes, which part of the hand is used to touch the integrated fingerprint sensor.

Smartwatch displays are commonly used as a shortcut to the smartphone in order to keep track of important notifications during the daily routine. With Tapdo, the usability of smart wristband devices is extended by interaction based control.

Tapdo allows to define customized shortcuts and to send commands with just one tap on the wrist. This happens fast and discreet, allows simultaneous triggers and a “no-look” performance.

Built into wearables as for example fitness trackers, Tapdo enhances the use cases by giving the possibility of memorizing over 20 different commands per hand. This allows an intuitive and easy performance of shortcuts, e.g. controlling music players, time tracking, and GPS related tasks.

Experience the convenience to have more than just one function, still maintaining a slim look. Get in touch with us to get to know more about integration possibilities!


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