Fingerprint Technology beyond Authentication

Use the uniqueness of your skin to unlock and control your environment.
Hand with Functions

Tapdo is a platform for interactions based on fingerprint technology. Our innovative system turns the hand into a single-touch control for connected applications and devices.

The biometric data contained in the structures of our skin can not only be used for security, they also can be used to recognize the part of our hand we are interacting with, which means personalization and interaction at once.

Several triggers for controlling applications and devices can be assigned to different parts of the hand.



Built into any kind of vehicle, Tapdo allows a distraction-free control of apps and devices. Different functions can be performed simultaneously without looking. The integration of tapdo leads to a clean design without overloaded interfaces. Discover ideas which revolutionize your technology and products.


Smartwatches & Wearables

A smartwatch integration that takes things up a level. As conventional wearables are rather used for notification, Tapdo enables interaction through fingerprint recognition.


Disabled Assistance

The innovative interaction concept and its intuitive use facilitates everyday life in many ways. Adaptable to personal requirements and special needs, Tapdo becomes a customizable daily aid.

Augmented Reality

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Being a ‘no-look’ controller, Tapdo supports navigation and control of AR/VR systems. Experience process improvement and enhanced usability using biometric technology beyond authentication.

Our vision is to simplify technology.

To enable sophisticated usability, Tapdo provides a platform with an algorithm that allows fast, simultaneous single-touch interactions and distraction-free control in any situations.

Our interaction concept is as unique as the biometric patterns of humans’ skin.

Recognizing pre-defined shortcuts by associating them with unique fingerprints, Tapdo enables personalized biometric interactions. Several triggers for controlling applications and devices may be assigned to different parts of the hand.

Tapdo Showcases

Tapdo in Press

  • Testimonial
    Perhaps you own multiple devices that can be remotely controlled via your smartphone, each device requiring you to use a different app. Well, tapdo is designed to simplify things.
    New AtlasBen Coxworth, Freelance Writer
  • Testimonial
    Best mobile accessories of MWC 2017 - Tapdo makes performing a function as easy as tapping your finger.
    Digital TrendsLuke Dormehl, Tech Writer
  • Testimonial
    Tapdo, which made a big splash at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year, turns the very things using which you provide input – your fingers – into controls for your devices.
    SnapMunkPrateek Jose, Editor

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