Control all your favorite apps and devices with your fingerprints

The Product

The ingenious button

Maybe the smartest way to interact with technology.

The tapdo button is a shortcut to control all your favorite apps and devices more comfortably by just tapping a button.

A Fingerprint Sensor helps to assign dozens of functions to one button simultaneously.

tapdo button

tapdo app

The powerful app

One app to rule them all. The tapdo button is connected to your smartphone via bluetooth.

In your tapdo app you can choose compatible apps and assign single actions to different parts of your fingers.

What can I do with tapdo?

With tapdo you can control all your devices simultaneously by simply tapping one button.
The ingenious button recognizes your fingerprints. By using the powerful app, you can assign specific functions to different parts of your hand.

We’ve already implemented a bunch of use cases and we are still searching for more ideas.
Dear Community, help us to find out about the most popular use cases!

tapdo voting

This voting only represents the ideas and suggestions of our community. In the next weeks we are going to decide which of those use cases we can implement.

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The Team

We are a team of Physicists, Computer Scientists, Designers and Entrepreneurs from Muenster, Germany.

One of our founders developed the tapdo interaction concept during his Phd studies in Human-Computer-Interaction.

At the beginning of 2016 we started tapdo technologies to develop amazing products in this field.